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I Once Knew A Girl

In The Years Of My Youth

His ex.


Jessica Baxter February 2 at 5:19pm
ok so let me get this straight, you came to my work to try and flaunt your new lesbian girlfriend who is no where close to what you had when you were with me!? thats cute jeremie. good luck.
Jeremie Preston February 3 at 2:55pm
I didn't know you're working that night. And i'm asking you to not compare yourself with my new lesbian girlfriend. Jess u have a happier life now, i hear you're engaged and i wish you the happiest, but can't you just let me be. I'm happy now and i hope you are too. Bon chance mon ami :)
Jessica Baxter February 4 at 3:26pm
good, im glad you are happy, im sorry you wernt happy with me. who told you i was engaged? was does bon chance mon ami mean?

He didnt reply. And she has followed my D Block class into Ranger computer lab..
And Abbey turns tome and goes "dude. Your getting death stares." Like if your gunna evil eye me, you should try not to be so obvious. Your just like Mercedes.
You treat people around you like shit and still expect them to be your love toy.
Fuck that.
Im proud of Jeremie for being civil with you; he deserves alot more credit than anyone.
You cheated on him. You used him. You've toyed with him.
I understand exactly what hes gone through.
And your a piece of shit.
I dont care to know who you are or even what you look like.
I got a glimpse of your ratty bitch face in the comp lab.
Grow up.
If you really wanna see how bitchy a Jersey girl can get; I dare you to try and play games with him.
I wont fucking stand by and watch shit happen.
I hate you.
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How do you describe something that you've felt before, but not like this?
Over powering.

And hes a brat. He read my entry -__-
Now hes all like Aweeeeee. -__-
I adore him. I really do.
I made him breakfast this mornin; ham and eggs <3
And I gave it to him on a toast sandwich
I hate having my period; but this is a rather big proof that hes not just interested in the sex.
Hes playing vid games now haha
I was playing Assassins Creed 2
And being rather beast at it lol
If I do say so myself lol
Hes so damn cute lol
Im gunna go bother him.
Ill be on later <3