I Once Knew A Girl

In The Years Of My Youth

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Hell On The Heart <3

No if, and's, but's or maybe's
So you wanna be her baby
I can read your face like a book
Yeah it looks easy to love her but believe me brother
It's harder than it looks

She's as pretty as a picture
Every bit as funny as she is smart
Got a smile that'll hold you together
And a touch that'll tear you apart
When she's yours she brings the sunshine
When she's gone the world goes dark
Yeah she's heaven on the eyes
But boy she's hell on the heart

Thats only half the song cuz my comp keeps being a dinosaur..
So my Maya Angelou saying?
'Dont trust a naked person that offers you a shirt?'
Yeah, blown to all bloody hell.
Now I have this little CUATION popup in my head (Ian told me to get a new popup blocker lol)

Fucking A.
I really do like him alot.
Like, I cant deny feelings for him at all. I love spending time with him.
He makes me feel like a little kid again; just pure and happy at all times.
But how can you love someone if you dont love yourself?
Like; oddlys enough this is coming from me, the girl that didnt love herself for a long assed time.
But I do now. I do love myself. And accpt myself for who I am.

He doesnt love himself at all..
Hes like "I accept myself, but I dont love myself." I was sitting there dumbfounded.
Like.. What do I say to that?
What do I do?

Jayboy was like 'dont worry'
i was like thats telling water not to be wet
Hes like google it, theres such a thing as dry water
I was like WTF!? NO WAY!
Its true. There is such a thing.
There goes another saying, completely slaughtered by the Vermont boys

Tinas like "Dude whatevs." and stole my phone is now texting her boo. Their not 'together' but shes like oh I hate boys but Aquil is diffrent.
My sister the player lol

I should go to bed.
Its past my bedtime and.. Its late..

Did I Just Say That?
Damn that boy really is wearing off on me

Lmfao just wait till I tell him tomorrow lol


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