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I Once Knew A Girl

In The Years Of My Youth

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(no subject)
So Friday.
What a fuckin day.
Wen to Advisory, had popcorn w/ cheddar.
Laughed at Danny for telling Larissa hes not sexually attracted to her (LMFAO)
Went to lunch, then art.
During art got an ominous green slip for the nurses office
Got my voucher form
Went to Bentleys class, got an A on my speech
Went to Chem, laughed as Mr Donovan tried to get us to learn something day before break
Went to Conference Period
Got a page and a half of notes done for my AOI
After Conference period w/Mr.Bentley, I walked over to the Morse
I wanted to get my charcol drawings and give them to Jer
I walked into Studio 203, picked them up, considered about putting them into my backpack and decided against it.
I walked out the door and TAH-DAH!
Theres Ian, Tucker and Gordo in the elevator with the door open, like their waiting for me
I laughed at them and got in, we all started talking
Ians standing there playing music
Gordo and I are talking about his "mime box" and his video idea
And Tucker is being Tucker and destroying another box
We get to the first floor and the elevator gets called to the third and this girl from my Advisory gets in
I think her names Eliza? Gordo asks what floor and she says first.
So off we go. Ian tells me not the burn the pictures and to give them to Jeremie
I begin to agree when this guy comes over and rethinks his idea of taking the elevator but the girl hes with presses the button and Gordo hit the open door button at the same time
The door squeled at us and didnt budge, but there was an inch between the door and the jam.
So the girl on the other side starts going Oh shit I think I broke the elevator
And Gordos like bright one.. And tries to open it by force.
Doesnt move.
Me and Ian are kinda staring at the door. I start laughing hysterically
The girl and guy left like a minute later
And about three minutes of prying at the door, Gordo calls Mr Sherer
Sherer gets there eventually, calls a guy named Mr Smith after he tries getting the doors  opened
Byt this time I text Jer and go hey Im stuck in an elevator
And he texts me back what
I go yeah in Morse
He replys Im none to happy
So Im like fml..
Gordo tells me Im an idiot cuz Jers gunna come and be all macho with the door
Tucker and Gordo keep trying to get the door open
Ian and I talk about the ceiling tiles
And the ladder up the elevator shaft as a possible escape route
And then we talk about how in movies theres an air supply and how were good cuz the doors still slightly ajar
I sit next to the emergency call box, even though we didnt use it I thought it was a good idea for someone to sit next to the control thing too
Ten minutes go by
Mr Smith gets there
After about ten minutes of him working on the door, the door screaches open
And theres Jeremie.
Glaring at me and Ian and Gordo and Tucker
Greame and Matt are right behind him
Jer walks over to his coat and then walks up the stairs to the sendcond floor and the exit
I try to stop him from walking away from me and have him all but gently push me aside
He wont talk to me
He walks through the fieldhouse and out into the parkinglot
Down the steps and to the car
Complete silence, then Matt and Greame walk up to his car from the other way, they walked the short way from behind the Morse
Matt asks him something
He answers
Greame says something about Eli
He answers
I stand there.
He gets in his car. Matt and Greame walk to Matts car
I stand there.
I out my back pack on right, hold onto the charcol pieces and start to walk towards the hill to Rt 5 to get home
Two miles.
I could do it. It was warm out
I start walking
I pass Matt
He asks me if everythings okay
I reply Just peachy
I keep walking, I got to the second lot, the one for juniors by the time Jer caught up with me
He gave me a hug
Told me I was an idiot for using the elevator
That the elevator is for crippled people
And to get in his car
So I did.
And we drove over to JC Penny
Cuz earlier I had gotten my voucher for 200 dollars for school clothes
I sat there on the way over and cried.
He was pissed that I put myself in harms way, and thank god we were'nt on the third floor
I was like Ian said that while we were in the elevator haha.. He kinda glared at me
So then he gave me a hug when we got to the store
He told me he hates worrying about people and that he was really worried about me and that he wasnt exactly mad at me more mad at himself for being worried cuz he hates it..
Then we went in the store and I found a few shirts and some pants
All within the dress code that arent so bad
And I found a dress and a pair of boots for the masquerade on Friday night
Then he and I stopped at Kelseys real quick, the first thing that came out of my mouth when I walked into her door was
"I made him so angry today by getting stuck in an elevator it wasnt funny"
George took that as an incentive to go outside (drunk as he was) and tell Jer that he better watch himself and to treat me right
And shook his hand and left an open threat of 'shes my little sister, you better treat her right, or else'
Then after about a half hour of being in the cold we left Kelsey and Danny to go to my house
Where I made him sit down and relax
He was like jittery with anger about how the whole damn day went
So I made a pizza and reheated some Italian breaded chicken with Moz cheese on it
And we watch Run Away Jury
(Did you know Luis Guzman is in that movie?? I swear he like, follows me through the media haha)
Then we went to the Bowling Alley and met up with Greame, Bentley and Eli and waited for Jay and Mat and Jamie.
Sav was at the alley too, with Robert Jewl and this kid Zack who has my free block and this kid Chris whose her ex and in my Advisory
Bentley was like Ohhh lala lol your friends cute and I was like she does have a boyfriendddd
Then they left, promised Sav we'd hang and I'd end up at the house
Me, Greame, Jer, Eli, Bentley, Jay, Matt and Jamie took over the two pool tables and attacked the jukebox haha
It was pretty sweet
Jay was like ahaha you broke the elevator, but girl dont put yourself in situactions like that -_-*
Matt became 'Jesus' and Eli got the leprachauns to help him in pool
Jer was kicking ass haha
And I ofcourse sucked lol
Then we left at about twenty to twelve, we ditched the boys and headed  back to Victory
Which is where I was all day today
And thats my story.
Taylor agreed to go to the masquerade, and when she gets back from Canada on Monday were gunna daytrip to Littleton {almost just typed Lincroft} to check out a costume store if they have any good masks
Im gunna see if Jess will convince Eli to go
And possibly the rest of them
Its only 3 dollars to get in w/ a mask
Thats pretty decent
Sigh Mom texted me just now
Im so tiredddd
I gotta go ask Bentley if hes considered going to the Masquerade